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I have to thank my generation for making a new generation that's carrying on with the spirit of invention and creativity. I'm amazed at what this younger generation is coming up with. I say younger because I'm 69 (soon to be 70 years young). I've kept my sense of humor, excitement about life and curiosity by not fully realizing that I'm over 35. Even my mother used to ask me, "When are you ever going to grow up?" I don't much care for the older crowd that's complaining about this younger generation celebrating Spring Break in Florida or Mexico with excessive alcohol intake and overly exposed skin. Quite frankly, I wish I could relive many of the wild and crazy times of my own youth.

That's what youth is all about! Experimenting with the newness of life's experiences. When we look at some of the greatest contributions in history, the majority of these accomplishments were made by people in their 20's. Some were made by people in their 30's and it was basically a sliding scale thereafter. There are many older inventors and entrepreneurs that kept their creative skill set going well into their 80's. One such great was Michael Faraday who remained both creative and inventive throughout his entire life. But, these are the exceptions. I like to think I'm one of them.

For the most part, it's the young and creative entrepreneurs of today that are shifting the dynamics of our economy and basically, the entire world. The old established firms will have to move over because of the newness of doing business through social media, content driven networking and personal connections based on contacts that are like-minded and trusting. "Business as usual" is withering and a new business paradigm is immerging. Facilities like the Autodesk Workshop Pier 9 in San Francisco, a bookless library built at Florida Polytechnic University, the J.M. Wright Technical High School and many other flagship concepts in education are exposing the eyes of creativity to technologies that will take us into realms of new imaginings. These curious and creative minds will pull existing workabilities into new marketable products by the mere makeup of their genetics - to experience and delve into the rewards of exploration. It's like I once heard in an exclamatory expression by one young designer, "Isn't that just cool?"

We've always been on the verge of new technology. We've always lived in "these changing times". That's what pushes technology. It's been that way since the crumbing of the first pyramid to the final design of the ones that stood the test of time in Giza as it is from the first motor car at Benz Motorwagen in 1885 to today's McLaren SLR, Lamborghini Aventador and the Bugatti Veyron. Like Bob Dylan's, "Times they are a changin" in 1964, they have always been and will always be, "a changin". And, what I'm seeing today is a "changin" for the better!

I heard on the radio that someone said violence was generated through the use of cell phones! What? I won't get into my views of violence and where or how it's generated, but, it's NOT cell phones - in my opinion. The world of connecting with others through the "communication highway" is opportunity waiting to happen. You, out there, the creative one, have the tools to compound your thoughts, ideas, service or product through the establishment of tier level connectivity. Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and others have made this possible.

The spirit of the young entrepreneur in America and all over the world is pushing technology in multi-disciplined areas of commerce. We see it in clothing that glows in the dark to cloaks that make you invisible. We see it in microbreweries that in their aggregate sell more beer than the established big breweries of our grandparents (me? Yes, I'm a grandpa, in fact, I'm a great grandpa.). We see it with everyone that's peering down into their cell phones communicating to each other from one side of a couch to the other, and onto the other side of the world. Dick Tracy's television watch communicator is a reality. The use of multi-sensory information fusion enables the collection of data and probability to monitor tends and mapping for dissemination and exploitation of multitudinous kinds of information.

Entrepreneurs today have an opportunity to become wealthy with even a small market niche. The internet and network marketing provides the compounding of contacts through social networking that no other generation in the history of the world has ever had. Think of it, you may have a creative invention inside your head, in a thought, and if it's fun or useful to you, you can bet that you are not alone - no matter what it is! The road to success is made up of many little steps that lead to your goal. I recommend reviewing for some additional insight on network marketing.

I've seen many of today's entrepreneurs follow their instincts about their ideas and achieve unexpected success. They are this generation's movers and doers. If it's not totally lame, and there are ways to quickly find out if you indeed have an ugly baby, then, you may have your own fledgling gold mine swirling around right between those ears of yours. When you're old, you can't afford to fail. When you're young, a couple of times won't hurt, so go for it! You might hit it first time out.


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