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  • 35 Years of turning ideas into products

  • Providing engineering product and machine design

  • Building prototypes

  • Short and long run production

  • Patent searches, writing and drawings

  • Patent filing

Inspection Microscope

This microscope is one of many we have designed and produced that are used to inspect silicone wafers that integrated circuits are made from. These microscopes utilize motorized filter wheels, slides and optical sensors that indicate failure modes. We design, fabricate and assemble and test all mechanical components.

Concept To Engineering To Product

product design

Printed Circuit Board Drilling Machine

A printed circuit drilling machine having X/Y motors magnetically hanging and running on an air cushion. CC Design’s effort was to reduce cost and design a quick tool changer. We also improved on simplifying the drilling head that employed fast-acting voice coil technology for extremely high speed printed circuit board drilling. This rendering was produced in CAD for the client’s brochure.

Industrial Dynamics of Torrance, California produces high end, state of the art inspection machines.

Programmable Arm Thermometer With Radio Transmitter

An aesthetically pleasing temperature monitoring arm band. A Velcro strap (not shown) attaches this device on the upper arm and a thermistor continuously monitors a patient’s temperature. The patient’s temperature is set between parameters. Should the patient’s temperature stray beyond the set temperatures, a radio transmitter sends a coded signal to the nurse’s base station to warn that this particular patient’s temperature has gone outside settings.

Building what we design.

Eye Tracking Device

This device tracks the eyes of a disabled computer user. Sensitive encoders and small stepper motors provide a feedback loop while a coarse camera locates the head and fine resolution cameras track IR reflections off the surface of the eye to provide pinpoint accuracy of eye gaze location on a computer screen.

Slide Show / Gallery

Police Helmet Radio

A police helmet radio communication system was designed and styled for versatility and robustness. The internal printed circuit board, speaker, microphone and boom were integrated into a clamshell type housing with waterproof integrity. This product has been in use and sold since 2007.