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We've been designing and building microscope stages for over 15 years and know the difficulties in achieving sub-micron positioning accuracy. This solution provides a low-cost approach to high end positioning.

LaserStraight is completely passive and makes corrections on the fly to achieve the most demanding requirement. Whether it's automation, inspection or microbiology, LaserStraight brings a completely new approach to sub-micron positioning. Note that this is not merely repeatability, but accuracy.

We can build a system that meets your most demanding requirements.

LaserStraight Nanopositioning Stages

A cost performance breakthrough has been achieved for nanopositioning stages. Long travel positioning stages are expensive when nanometer accuracy is needed. A novel laser approach has been developed so that long travel stages can achieve sub-micron accuracy using low cost components.

Lasers are used in alignment of aircraft fuselage sections and in the construction industry. When it comes  to nanopositioning, a laser's center of energy wanders over time. Beam stability correction is typically done using servo motors and PID circuits, which is costly and space consuming. Even with these techniques, nanopositioning is unrealistic in the sub-micron environment. This eliminates their use for finding their centroid using an optical position sensing device, or PSD. PSD's can find the centroid of a laser beam to sub-micron accuracy.

CC Design Development Inc. has developed a passive optical system so that a PSD can make corrections on the fly for X/Y/Z positioning tables and single axis slides that need from 100mm to 500mm or more of travel with sub-micron accuracy. An accuracy of 250 to 800 nanometers is achievable depending on the PSD that is used. The system eliminates the requirement for large granite blocks and high tolerances in manufacturing. It also eliminates the need for mapping hence lowering cost significantly.

The LaserStraight optical assembly measures 112mm X 32mm X 16mm and uses a 1mW, 650nm laser module.