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CC Design was founded by Ivanhoe Chaput. Starting in his garage in 1981 as Ivanhoe Chaput Enterprises he incorporated CC Design Development Inc. in 1997, and has been continually in business for 35 years. Prior to starting his business, Ivanhoe worked for national and international companies as Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Senior Engineer, and Plant Chief Engineer for three separate companies.

Ivanhoe’s first project involved the construction of a laser-initiated armed firing device for the F16 fighter jet. The rest is history as CC Design expanded and went on to complete a variety of consumer, medical, industrial and military products. Today CC Design’s facilities include a computer aided design department, a prototyping machine shop and everything needed to bring ideas to production.

CC Design’s knowledge of manufacturing processes is comprehensive. Its experience spans the development of over 1,000 projects – giving customers a one-stop shop for realizing ideas.

The under-one-roof approach instituted by Ivanhoe gives customers flexibility, competitive pricing, and time-to-market advantages over multi-facility approaches.

Today CC Design serves entrepreneurs, small business entities, universities, military, research facilities and large manufacturing firms

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From the Owner...

Having been in the field of product design and engineering for my entire career, I have strong opinions on the subject. It’s one thing to have a great idea, and a very different effort turning it into something that works and yet another hurdle altogether is making money with it.

Product design and development implies just that. A product is designed to look great, but it must be developed to also work great. That’s where CC Design can assist in providing the tools for presentations and the visuals for your funding. This is where the next phase begins; when it’s time to take the engineering drawings, the planning and resources required to have your product made. A design firm must make what they design. This is where the artists are separated from the doers and builders.

Look us up. Check us out. We’ve got the facility, the experience and the desire to make your idea a success.