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A Mission To Share

Many years ago I published a magazine called The Designer. I saw a clear knowledge gap between engineers and the drafters in my engineering department. I acknowledged that some of these drafters had real potential to become excellent designers and possibly even work their way into an engineering position - yes, even without a degree. However, given the pace at which they were learning about the vast world of design and engineering, it was going to take years before these sorts of promotions could be justified.

Publications like Design News, Machine Design and others wrote articles about new technology that was geared more toward the seasoned engineer. Basic knowledge about manufacturing processes, machinery, materials, finishes and so on didn't fit within the scope of these magazines' missions.

Unfortunately we only published a few issues due to the unanticipated expense to print versus the advertising revenue that we were not able to generate. We quickly learned that we were engineers with no experience in the publishing industry. This was really a shame because we received many applications for subscriptions for several years after we stopped publishing. This at least provided me with the personal comfort that The Designer was not a bad idea, it was simply an under-funded one.

Today it's a different ballgame. I can write about "designing within the industry's standards of manufacturing" with very little out-of-pocket cost and simply add it to my web site. I can write about designing literally anything that can be physically made using current state-of-the-art machines, processes, materials and so on. This may sound a bit outlandish, but I've too often witnessed designers draw the part that couldn't be made! I'm probably going to receive emails that will say that anything can be made with 3-D printers. We'll dispel that truism as a subject for a future article.

With that said, I'll qualify that what I want to write about isn't directed toward the seasoned professional, but rather to share knowledge of designing and engineering within the product design and development field with you, the inquisitive and creative designer.

I hope you will join me as I write about different subjects that will advance your career in design and engineering.


Ivanhoe Chaput

A Single Idea Can Change The World