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CC Design Development Inc. is located in Southern California, approximately 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The facility consists of 12,000 square feet divided 20/80 office and prototype machine shop/warehouse.

Don Navotny

As VP Business Development Hi-Shear technology: CC Design created and proved through‎ physical testing the leading edge, smallest lightweight electro-optic mechanical subsystem designs that passed our most stringent missile and aircraft flight environments. As President of N-Tech, CC Design delivered the fastest and best value solutions that allowed us to accelerate our development projects beyond our scheduled plans.Type your paragraph here.


Rapid Prototyping

Product Design Los Angeles

Suzanne Ranaudo

Suzanne, a private individual, came to us with her idea. “Thank you for your amazing help with my Eyeglass Support. Without your keen eye and engineering knowledge I would still be floundering. Your incredible workspace is a true reflection of your creativeness and delightful sense of humor. You are one in a million and I feel truly blessed to know you.”
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  • Over 1,000 Products  Completed

  • Commercial

  • Medical

  • Consumer

  • Military

  • Electronic

Machine Design



  • Developing Ideas Into Products

  • Fast Turnaround 3-D Printing

  • In-house And Overseas Manufacturing

  • Fixtures Tooling And Machines

  • Patent Search And Writing

Ray Oja CEO Blue Z LLC

Ray is a product developer and manages several projects. “We have done many projects together with Ivanhoe Chaput and his Company. He has shown exceptional creativity and initiative on development projects which have been very rewarding. When supplied with final designs for prototyping, the prototypes we exactly as designed and worked as expected.”

David Kramer

President DMK Engineering

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ivanhoe Chaput of CC Design Development for over 30 years. He is by far is the best mechanical engineer/designer I have ever worked with, and I have worked with more than a few! His background in manufacturing allows him to visualize how parts will be assembled so he doesn’t paint himself into a corner as far too many other engineers have a tendency to do. His designs are simple, elegant, functional, attractive and always cost effective. We thank him for his past service and will continue to hire him on future projects.”

Product Design